What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage or online storage is the ability to store data in a central location and access it from any Internet connected device. Almost as soon as computer scientists first connected two computers using network technology, they put data online so that every computer on the network could access it.

Online or "cloud" storage today comes in two (2) basic flavors:

  • Pure "storage"
  • Hard drive in the sky

A pure storage system is built to accept items into the system and hold / protect them so copies can be downloaded. Redundant file systems, networks and data centers ensure availability of stored files. Our Unlimited Cloud Storage product is this kind of system.

A hard drive in the sky system is built to be used much like the hard drive in your PC, files can be added, deleted, moved, etc... in any random matter. While on network redundancy may include things like RAID arrays, advanced redundancy can include server and or data center mirroring. This is much like connecting a USB drive or NAS device to your PC - with a very long wire. Our SSH Enabled Cloud Storage product is this kind of system.

Because of the inherent differences in the flavors of online storage, the hard drive in the sky type of system will appear much faster than the pure storage type of system.

With all the buzz these days about "The Cloud" and "Online Backup" it can be hard to figure out what service they should use to store their data online. The key words in making the choice are "change" and "delete". Since file change and deletion are foreign concepts to a pure storage system, if you need to be able to regularly change or delete files as part of your proposed usage - you will want to use a hard drive in the sky type of system.

Regardless of the type of system you need, our service comes with everything you need to put files online and to protect the files you have via online backup. You won't find hidden fees, tricky terms of service, speed limits, file size limits or anything that gets in your way.

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